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Message of the Arab Standardization Day 25 March 2024

The Arab Industrial Development, Standardization and Mining Organization (AIDSMO), along with the Arab Standardization Bodies commemorate the yearly Arab Standardization Day on March 25th, as a contribution to the outreach efforts and recognition of standardization importance in all walks of life.

The Arab standardization bodies, opted for “Standardization for a Prosperous Economy and a Vital Sustainable Society” as slogan for the year 2024. This is to accentuate the crucial role that standardization performs in promoting economic growth, improving the quality and competitiveness of products, easing their flow at the regional and international levels, and minimizing technical barriers to trade through mutual recognition of conformity and accreditation certificates.

Standardization also contributes to the promotion of vital communities through the provision of the best practices that permit better cooperation among the members of society in all spheres of life such as education, public health, infrastructure, communication and innovation.

In this vein, the Arab Industrial Development, Standardization and Mining Organization devotes strenuous efforts to uphold regional activities pertinent to quality infrastructure and coordinate among all relevant bodies. It prioritizes the implementation of sustainable development goals through the issuance of Arab standards in various fields and development of a legislative system to control the safety of products in compliance with safety conditions and achieve sustainability in the Arab region.

On this occasion, AIDSMO extends its sincere thanks and congratulations to the heads of Arab standardization bodies and all their employees who are sparing no effort to embody the Arab Standardization day, and for their active contribution to raising awareness on the importance of standardization and its positive impact on sustainable development in the Arab world.

Eng. Adel SaqerAl-Saqer

Director General of AIDSMO